Remo's Posessions
My baby face My room - Although I have the run of the house, I also have my own room to which I retreat because I am, by nature, a solitary creature and need to be alone part of every day. My room is furnished with:
  • A. a bed completely made up with mattress pad, sheets, blankets bedspread and pillows.
  • B. a heavy duty cat tree, carpeted with three platforms. This tree is attached to the ceiling and is great fun to climb.
  • C. chairs and a sofa. The cushions are covered in a marine fabric that is superstrong, attractive, and waterproof.
  • D. an old dresser that can be used to climb to reach the doorknob or lightswitch.
  • E. a half height cat tree with a large box on top. I sometimes sleep in it instead of my bed.
  • F. my own litter box that I try to keep the cats from using.
  • G. my special heavy ceramic water bowls.

My Toys - I have lots and lots of toys. They include:
  • A. stuffed animals of every shape, size and color.
  • B. soft cloth balls with bells inside them.
  • C. hard rubber balls with bells inside,
  • D. rawhide chew toys of different kinds
  • E. small rubber toys that float and I can play with in the bath tub.
  • F. a Fischer/Price crib bar that has several toys on it.
  • G. A wooden train that I can pull.
  • H. extra pillows that I can toss around.
I like almost any toy that would be suitable for a child up to 2 years old. Although most of my toys are in my own room, I have a huge antique kettle by the fireplace filled with my toys for use there. A few are kept upstairs in the bedrooms for my playful moments there.

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