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To provide useful, true information so that everyone who loves Raccoons can make an informed decision about having a PET RACCOON. 

Remo at 17

On April 16, 2004, Remo William Coon died at the age of 18. He was my friend and mentor. I, the Whiffet, will maintain his site and answer all mail. Please write to me at whiffet at my address .

My Credentials:

I, Remo William Coon, lived in a house all of my 18 years with two humans and an assortment of cats. 

For six of those years I shared the house with Tabitha Teri Coon. I understand there were even 'coons in the house before us. 

I know whereof I speak!

I've been blackmailed into introducing you to the Whiffet who came to live with us last spring. If I don't let him have a web page, the mother says he'll get an entire website of his own and be in competition with me. It'll never happen. He's one mentally challenged dude. Click below his picture and learn more than you ever wanted to know about the little twit


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My photo journal - a masterpiece in progress, but see it now.

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Ding Dong, the witch is dead!

Old Remo Road!? (updated 9/5/99)

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My idiosyncracies

"Please - tame me!"...but first..

Frequently Asked Questions:berries2 Everything you ever wanted to know about pet raccoons but didn't know who to ask.

Including but not limited to..

Bronx Cheer

A pox on all doctors, who predicted my demise over a year ago!

Tips on toilet training tree

How to outfit your pet raccoon underbed

My seasonal dietsberries

How to cope with mating seasoncameo

Safety tips stairs

Health tips reach

Feeding Outdoor 'Coons lastcn

Ten Good Reasons to Have a Pet Raccoon

State Regulations Concerning the Possession of Pet Raccoons (updated August 20, 2012)

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THIS SITE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION (last update:August 20, 2012)