Remo's Safety Tips

GIVEN: The raccoon is a foraging animal.

THEREFORE: The new raccoon will investigate everything in the house. I'll constantly be checking to see if anything new has been added that I haven't yet investigated or if you've left a cupboard unlocked that might contain food. Never underestimate my abilities. I can climb up door jams and balance on top of doors. I can open everything from doors to jars. A baby coon may even want to see what's inside your sofa cushions.

HOWEVER: Damage control can become a way of life.

Furniture: When the coon is young and starts to play with a cushion from the sofa, take it away from him and give him a stuffed animal instead and play with him and it. Be consistent in doing this. I personally prefer white teddy bears to the brown ones.

Doors: Make sure all doors lock. It's not enough to close a door. I can open it easily. A check list of doors would be:

  1. Medicine cabinet - put on a baby proof lock or a hasp lock and put a clamp through its eye.
  2. Room doors - put locking latches on all doors or use hook and eyes.
  3. Cabinet and Dresser drawers - there's a marvelous magnetic lock that can be installed called Rev-A-Lock that requires a magnet to open it, or you can install baby proof locks.
  4. Refrigerator - use a baby proof lock.
  5. Freezer - key lock.
  6. Oven - baby proof lock.
  7. Fireplace - baby proof lock.

Ornaments: When a coon is young, remove breakable objects from his reach just as you would a two year old. As he gets older, at least a year, gradually reintroduce them. Once I'm familiar with them, I'll leave them alone.

Bathrooms: Some coons love water. (I don't.) They enjoy flushing toilets, sometimes after stuffing them with objects. They also may dam up a drain in a sink to play in the water after turning it on. I've never known one to turn off the water: you may come home to a flooded house. Keep them locked out of bathrooms if this is a problem.

Windows: Install air-conditioning. If you leave your windows open and screened, I can easily remove or destroy the screens.

Phones: All raccoons hate phones. Most of us do our best to destroy them. Take heed and put phones out of reach. Put metal boxes over phone jacks.

Thermostats: If you don't want the house to be freezing or too hot, make sure I can't reach the thermostat. Locking boxes, as some offices use, inhibit me.

Beds: Coons sleep in beds, under the covers. Unfortunately, they may try to make a den there. That means I'll tear up the mattress and use the stuffing for nesting material. If this is your bed, you will probably be distressed. I know of one household that had a heavy canvas mattress cover made and that deterred their three coons.

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